Carmen E. Kuntz

Freelance Writer and Photographer

Ontario, Canada

Carmen E. Kuntz

Sharing my passion for environmental conservation and self-propelled exploration in honour of the wild people and places that make everyday an adventure.



Fall 2017

As some of the last wild rivers of Europe, and home to a slew of endemic and endangered plant and animal species, these rivers are biodiversity hotspots. The surrounding mountains, hills and valleys provide the opportunity to journey back in time with locals who still live off the land. The true value lies in sustainable tourism such as rafting, kayaking, canoeing and fishing. However, opposing hydro power in these regions can be a tricky political business. A year ago, I was presented with a simple solution: save the rivers by paddling and fishing in them. Maybe we can show local governments and decision makers there is more value in a free flowing river rich in eco tourisms, than one clogged with concrete. Let’s use our fishing rods to fight back!
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A six-part series profiling athletes reaching the next level in their sport. The Ottawa River, which separates Gatineau from Ottawa, surged beyond its banks this spring, turning streets into rivers navigable only by boat.
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In Search of the World’s Best Freestyle Kayaking Wave

Freestyle whitewater kayaking is often associated with park-and-play: usually, you need car access. So when an international crew of whitewater aficionados loaded eight featherlight carbon freestyle kayaks onto rafts and paddled into the Canadian wilderness in September, they took the hunt for fresh waves to a new level.
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Slalom and Tequila: Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injury

The surge of whitewater rocks me up and down in my kayak. Waves of nausea and pain pulse in my head and chest. I grab the wet rocks, trying to ground myself in the swell of the eddy. I look at the tops of the trees waiting for the intensity of the pain to pass—I smile to appear OK but it’s just a mask.
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Machno Adventuring in Montenegro

A kayak can be a lot of things: it can be a toy, for surfing and playing; it can be transportation, covering long distances by freshwater or saltwater; it can be a school, an opportunity for constant learning and development. A kayak is also an incredible tool for discovery. From the seat of a kayak, with a paddle in hand you can go places few are able to go.
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The Pivot: A Superhero Second Skin

The sky darkens, threatening to split open and smash us with rain at any moment. There we stand, a textbook pathetic fallacy: Myself and 25 other kayakers have just paddled up to a concrete wall blocking the flow of the mighty Soča river, funneling it into a pipe. We clamber onto the dam and out from the dead water.
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2017 Tara River Festival, Montenegro

There are many different recipes for a successful kayaking festival. Kayak Fest Tara combined elements of kayaking that often get forgotten or eliminated in the bigger, highly competitive events. Mellow whitewater, race courses that everyone can paddle and local food, drinks, music and paddlers made this festival feel like party that everyone could enjoy. Link to Story

Kayak Festivals of Europe

Kayak festivals are simple: Paddlers coming together at the same time each year to celebrate and enjoy the act of kayaking. The focus of each festival is different; some, like Sickline or King of the Alps concentrate on competition. While others, like Gauley Fest in West Virginia, were created to take advantage of the annual water release.
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Kindling Magazine

Four amigos united around a common thread of making getting out there easier. We like going into the lesser visited places. Since moving to the same town, we found ourselves often wandering the woods together. We share a credence that spending time outside, away from cars and shopping is an inherently beneficial thing. Link to Story

Simply Slovenia

I’m biking through the old city streets of Europe. Baguette in my bag and hundred-year-old buildings around me, I feel like I’m living the stereotypical European vacation. The only difference between my holiday and scenes from a cliché Hollywood movie is that instead of a classic cruiser bike with a wide seat, I’m cruising on a rusty, red mountain bike with squealing brakes.
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Food, Balance & Whitewater with Ben Marr

In some form, we are all seeking balance. Work-play balance, training-recovery, fun-fitness. Benny Marr spends roughly 300 days of the year on the road. For him, the pursuit of balance is a constant. From spring in Ontario and northern Quebec, summer in BC, and White Salmon in winter with some ocean hopping here and there, he is literally chasing whitewater.
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Boardsports in the Land of Water

Ontario is the land of water. And where you find water, you’ll find boardsports. Dedicated and adventurous riders in the Collingwood area are challenging the idea that you need oceans and mountains to get gnarly on a board. Blue Mountain local Erika Langman is comfortable on any board. From surf to snow, wake to wind, she constantly seeks the feeling of flow - going fast and high on a board. Her playground is the lakes, ponds, ditches and shoreline of the Collingwood area. In her eyes, it’s just as good (or better) than any mountain town or seaside village.
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Carmen E. Kuntz

I’m a dreamer, a day-light skinny dipper and a cinnamon bun connoisseur.
I’m a bike riding, flip-flop wearing, whiskey drinker. I’m a sushi chief, a chance taker and mistake maker,
a professional dirt magnet and compassion giver.
I’m an inconsistent yogi and student of meditation,
an accident prone adventurer and an artist of tan lines.
I have a masters in laughter and am happiest floating in whitewater.
I’m an avid listener, a loud talker and an energy giver,
a water worshiper and I’ve got good friends and bad habits.
I’m a big sister, a little sister and a best friend,
I make mistakes, I fall hard and occasionally light things on fire.

A more formal introduction:
I'm a regular contributor at Rapid Magazine and Mountain Life Magazine where I write about my two passions; the environment and adventure sports. My Geography degree is highlighted by my interest in human and large carnivore interactions in the backcountry. I’m passionate about river conservation and protecting Canadian wetlands.

I aspire to share my passion for environmental conservation and self propelled exploration in honour of the wild people and places that make everyday an adventure.




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